Sunday, March 25, 2012

Welcome to my new blog

Let me start this first post with a brief introduction of who I am and what my intentions are for this blog. My name is Victor and I am a christian. I have been a christian for about 10 to 12 years. It was a long journey for me, that I really can't identify the "day" that my life was changed. I am married to my best friend and have been married to her for the last 18 years. We are foster parents and are currently raising 8 children. 3 of the children we had together (although she did the hard part), 1 we adopted from foster care, and 4 are current foster children.

About 2 years ago, I started really having some issues with my faith. Upon further review, it wasn't my faith I had issues with, it was my religion. There were several questions I had with my religion and I was having a hard time getting the answers I needed to satisfy myself. I am not sure exactly how I came to the conclusion that I could find my answers in the atheist community but late one night, I found myself in an atheist forum. That will be a blog for another day. Interestingly enough, I started to find alot of the answers I was looking for. After about a year or so, of atheist forums, I joined the local atheist club. I paid my dues and attended meetings on a regular basis. Then my whole world changed. This blog will provide the insights that I have gained while engaging in deep discussions with my atheist friends. Not all of the atheists like me, or appreciate that I am there but most of them get along with me and quite a few of them really appreciate what I am trying to do.

My Goal

My goal in this adventure is to change how christians view atheists and how atheists view christians. And that might even be a poor choice of words. If anything, I am attempting to break down the barriers that exist between atheists and christians. I have engaged in many late night debates on this topic and ironically enough, I find myself arguing with christians, more than atheists. It isn't my intention to "argue" as much as it is to open people's minds to different perspectives. It is never my intention to "convert" an atheist. In fact, if I converted them, I would have to find new people to hang out with to get my data. And I don't expect to convert any atheists because I really suck as a christian. I really try hard to be what Christ wanted us to be, but I am nowhere near where I should be. That wasn't a self pity statement, just the truth. I strive to be a better person everyday. Sometimes I do ok, sometimes I suck out loud.

Please feel free to give me feedback along my journey. I have had some heated discussions with some volatile atheists, and have been called some crazy stuff. In addition to that, I was a U.S. Marine, so you aren't going to hurt my feelings. This blog is moderated and I will always allow comments that are in complete disagreement with me as long as they are not hateful or obscene.

Here's to breaking down walls,



  1. That is correct. No pictures like that please.

  2. Whoo Hoo! Let's get this party started. I'm looking forward to you posts, and will offer myself to any of your Christian friends that wants to get acquainted with one of your atheist friends.

  3. Thanks for the support Lance. I will use you as my example that not all athesits wear black robes, goat masks, and try to sacrifice christians in the fire pit out back.

  4. "I will use you as my example that not all athesits wear black robes, goat masks, and try to sacrifice christians in the fire pit out back."

    lol don't let people know we aren't really like that! xD

    I'm from Australia and here most people don't mind what faith you do or don't have. I say most because I know my brother was beaten up once for making a joke about god not existing. He made the joke on facebook and was beaten up at school the following day. I never thought that would ever happen, not at my former school, not in my country, not in my day and age.

    It's unfortunate that people use religion as justification to do horrible things, in the past they were able to get away with it easily and even today it still happens.

    I hope that the goal you aim to achieve is achieved. Especially since I've heard it's not too great to be in the USA if you are an atheist.

    The statement you claim as truth is truth to you. However I think everyone is capable of being a better person, there is always room for improvement and to learn from others. As for you stating that you "really suck as a Christian", I'd disagree since to be a Christian is to believe in the god of the bible and that Jesus absolves you of your "sins". If you have faith in this you are as a good a Christian as any other. As for a human I'd say you are a much better human than most Christians that many American's have to deal with on a daily basis.

    Thanks for reading.

  5. Warick,

    Thanks for reading my blog. All the way in Australia. It angers me to hear stories about your brother and I sincere apologize on behalf of the idiots who did that to him. I am even more angry that they did it in the name of God.

    I apreciate your encouragement and look forward to future conversations.


  6. With the internet Australia becomes a whole lot closer. I watch what happens to the Atheists in the USA with much interest, because Australia has followed trends in many ways with the USA and the humans in the USA who are atheists tend to be making many interesting and thoughtful youtube videos.

    No need to apologise, I don't see the attack as anyone else's fault then the individuals involved, the parents and what they have been taught. Religion is part of the problem but can't take all the blame.

    Anger helps no one, mind you I got angry once when I was on an atheist facebook page where a troll posted and told me I didn't believe in god because I blamed him for the bad things in my life. The troll brought up how my house was set on fire and what happened to my brother as I was talking about that with fellow atheists on the page. Angry at someone who knows I don't believe in a good for logical reasons, ignores what I have to say and then says I don't want to believe in him and I blame him for things. Gahh frustrating to say the least.

    Worse things have been done in the name of many gods. Many people have agreed in the future it was wrong, but far too many back when it happened agreed with it and even now far too many people still agree.

    I appreciate you responding to me and I appreciate that you have created this blog.