Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The "war" on Christmas

Each year there seems to be a "Christian movement" to declare that there is a war on christmas. The implication is that atheists are fighting to remove the the "Christ" from Christmas.  

I don't get it. 

To my knowledge there is no law that prevents of any christian from proclaiming "Merry Christmas." So where is the war? Where are we as christians being attacked? Is it because a few retailers decided to try and remain neutral and not be offensive to atheists? Ok.......I hardly call that a war. My military background assures me that this is no war. This is retailers modifying their policies with the changing times. So what? 

If Christians are so concerned about Jesus being the primary focus of Christmas then perhaps they should start with their own methods of celebrating Christmas. Like participating in the rampant consumerism that has become "the reason for the season." If Jesus is supposed to be the focus of Christmas, maybe Christians should do the things that Jesus did. Like feed the poor?  

Seriously?? Is this happening, anywhere??
Each year in America, christians spend billions of dollars support the pagan practice of consumerism. Some will argue that consumerism is not a pagan practice and perhaps that's true. But its definitely not a christian practice.  

Christmas didn't even start off as a christian celebration. It has pagan roots and christians adopted the holiday years later. So, Christmas has gone from a pagan holiday, to a christian holiday, back to a pagan holiday that christians participate in. 

If Christians really want to keep "Christ" in Christmas they are free to say "Merry Christmas or Jesus is the reason for the season" to anyone. They are free to put up all the nativity scenes in their home that they want. They can light advent candles and read their kids the story of Jesus' birth. 

But if they really want to make Jesus the focus on Christmas, then they should stop participating in consumerism and participate in feeding homeless people.


Like Jesus would do.


  1. Someone needs to tell Fox news :)

    There needs to be more voice in Christianity for this point of view.