Monday, April 23, 2012

Why is God a "Jealous" God? Does He really need US to stroke His ego??

I just read a blog where the author is describing how arrogant God is because he is a jealous God. I notice that one issue that agnostics and atheists have in regards to christianity is perspective. They tend to look at christianity through poop colored glasses so most of what they see comes out as negative or bad. I will write a blog myself, about God's "jealousy." Maybe because I am married, and have been for over 18 years, I have a different perspective about God's jealousy.

In the blog, the author asks, "does the creator of the universe really need gnats to stroke His ego?" I don't think God's jealousy is about stroking His ego. Let me explain. I love my wife deeply. I have wonderful relationship with her and after 18 years, I don't just "love" my wife, I "enjoy" her. I truly enjoy sharing time and space with her. But I don't want to share that with anybody. I do not want another man in her life, that I have to compete with.

The Bible is filled with stories of God's people leaving His guidance to follow other "god's" and false idols. And it always gets them into trouble. When I read the Bible describe God's "jealousy" I can totally relate. God doesn't want us to love money, material things, or anything else that would cause us to put Him as second. Just like I wouldn't want another man pleasing my wife, or trying to put me in second place.

My wife and I own a gym together, so obviously I have to work with very attractive women. My wife always says "Go train her, and help her be successful but remember, you come home with me." And then she gives me her "naughty" little smile that she knows I love. That's my wires way of saying "do what you have to do, but don't go too far." That is what God is saying when he describes being "jealous." He is saying "Go ahead and go to work, make lots of money, even have nice things, but don't make any of those things more important than me."

Anyway, that's my take on the blog and my answer to my atheist friends about why I think God is a jealous God, and why I am ok with it. I'm, kind of the same way. :-)


  1. That is nice and all, but it doesn't seem to mesh with what the Bible says about God's reaction to people that worship other idols. He tends to destroy those who don't follow him.

    If you did ever go to far with one of your clients, your wife might be justified in leaving you, but if she put a bullet in your head we would think she was over reacting a bit. That is how I feel when I read the old testament. It seems God is over reacting quite a bit. His jealousy turns into rage and vindictiveness. Not the actions I expect from a true and loving God.

  2. Good points, Lance. And with these stories, I speculate on what is really going on. The important thing, I think though, is that I NEVER see these stories as an excuse for me to judge other people or condemn people to God's wrath or hell. That is for God, and God alone.

    If God wants to "jam" somebody up, that isnt for me to rub in someone's face and say "see what happens to heathens?!?!?"

    I am not saying I agree with it, or even that I understand it. I am just saying God can do what He wants. But that doesn't mean I can.

    There may be more to the story that we just don't know.

  3. Every one has their own perspective. Here you wrote a completely new prospect for me God is Jealous. You explained it in very good manner.
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